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About This Area

Youth for Christ’s History in the Area

Ministry in this area began first in Europe in the early 1940’s when Torrey Johnson, the founder of Youth for Christ, took the first Youth for Christ Team overseas to Europe. Included in this team was Billy Graham. The team had successful ministry in England, rapidly followed by other countries nearby.

By contrast,Youth for Christ has been one of the late-comers to the Middle East and North Africa area, now joined with the European area. With a tremendous diversity of cultures, religions, languages, and economic resources in a relatively small geographical space, the Middle East is not only rich with history, but is also tremendously relevant to current global issues.

A hotbed of political and cultural activity and conflict, the Middle East is constantly in the international media and presents key challenges and opportunities. Specifically, the Arab culture, Islam as a predominant religion affecting most facets of daily living in many countries, and the contrasts that live side by side such as Western and Eastern cultures, modern technology alongside tents; the new and old.

What Youth for Christ is Doing Now

The Europe, the Middle East & North Africa team is focusing on supporting and helping consolidate the work of indigenous national ministries. This includes the first pan-European training, conferences for National Directors, visits, communication with churches, networking, encouragement and mentoring. Some of the ministries that are most powerfully reaching youth with the Gospel are a traveling coffeehaus bus, big conferences with Christian speakers and artists, school clubs, and local centers.

Area Prayer Needs

  • Wisdom, personnel and funding for moving forward in this area.
  • Continued networking and relationship building with all the area nation churches and individuals.
  • Spiritual health, wisdom, and provision for each of the National Directors as they lead their country’s ministries.

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